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Tuesday, May 17, 2022

How to Make Money Online using Pinterest

Everywhere you look people are telling you how to make money online. But are they trustworthy? 

Can you actually earn a solid income? Find out how to rely upon yourself… and Pinterest… to earn an income working on the web. There are numerous pins being shared on Pinterest about this topic, as well as ads on every social media platform.

Often, however, you’re expected to put cash into their “foolproof system” or they don’t have any statistics to back up the success of their online business offer.

Additionally, the income is usually limited, as is your creativity on how to improve your chances of success.

Naturally, it’s just too risky to take the time and money required to “get in”.

Here’s a solution to earning money that you may not have thought of:  Pinterest (sign up for a free “business” account if you don’t already have one).

Check out Laughingbird Software’s business account to get an idea of what it should look like.

You probably don’t know the people and companies making “work from home” or “make money online” offers. However, you’ve heard of Pinterest. You may have done some browsing, researching, or have already pinned content from your blog or website.

And did you know that Pinterest is a reliable and powerful search engine, not just a simple social sharing site? Pinterest offers several ways to earn money online, often even working from home. So, it doesn’t have to take you away from your family.

That’s why I’m going to show you five ways you can earn money online using Pinterest… and specifically as a Laughingbird Creatorpreneur.

How to Make Money Online using Pinterest

There are lots of Pinterest users who are earning money every month. Here are the 5 ways that I recommend making money using the Pinterest platform.

1. Use Pinterest for Affiliate Marketing

Sharing or advertising on Pinterest is one of the best ways to be successful at affiliate marketing. Simply speaking, affiliate marketing gives you an opportunity to recommend a product or service from a trusted brand. When someone purchases the product from you, the company then pays you for it.

Here’s how to make money working online as an affiliate marketer with Pinterest:

First, make sure you know what affiliate marketing is all about. Look for brands (or “companies”) in a niche you’re interested in. Find out if they have an affiliate (or “reseller”) program. Most brands will ask you to fill out a short application.

Once you’re approved and you get your unique affiliate code, you can start using Pinterest.

Begin by creating a few attention-getting pins that advertise the niche your affiliate is in. If you’re not already a Laughingbird Software Creatorpreneur and want to easily make as many pins as you need, grab the Pinterest templates with Motion Graphics.

All of the pin templates can be modified for size. However, you can use them at their current minimum size of 600 X 900. Just change the text and/or background to make it your own.

Once you’ve created and downloaded your graphic, make sure to link it to the page on which you’re selling the affiliate product.

Start posting your pins right away, but expect it to take several weeks before your pin really gets shared a lot. That’s pretty typical with Pinterest.

However, each pin will continue being re-shared months later, making it an ideal way to continuously earn money.

2. Team Up With Brands

This is very similar to affiliate marketing. However, instead of using a unique link or code to get payment, you’re paid whenever you speak about the brand.

This technique works well if you’re already known in your niche, but not so well if you’re just starting out. For example, if you’re a Pinterest influencer in the fashion niche, you can offer to become a sponsor. You may get paid for writing articles about their brand or get freebies from the company– this all depends on your agreement with the company.

If you’re looking to earn money, create a proposal stating that you’ll use their brand name for a certain period of time. You’ll agree to write a specified number of posts each month. Then you’ll create and share Pinterest pins to call people back to your article about the brand.

3. Sell Products on Pinterest

Perhaps you already have a product, course, or service to sell (or plans to create one). You can link pins directly to your website, blog, or any online shop, including an Etsy or Shopify store. So, whenever someone clicks on your pin, they’ll be taken directly to your link.

The key to making money online is creating a presentation of your product that makes people stop and take a closer look. Therefore, using stunning graphics and designs is essential to getting your product noticed. This pin is one of my most popular on Pinterest (created with Laughingbird Software).

Don’t just post pictures of your products as they appear in your shop. Get a little creative. Post images of your product being used in real life. And create stunning images and graphics using Laughingbird Software’s Pinterest Templates (with video motion too!)

Create a new pin quickly just by changing the text and including a new background image. Done!

4. Become a Pinterest “Virtual Assistant”

Many small business owners have little desire or time to invest in publishing on social media. This opens up a window of opportunity for you, once you’re comfortable with using Pinterest.

Becoming a Pinterest virtual assistant can be an easy way to make money from home. You can offer to help design pins, pin regularly, and schedule pins on Tailwind. Offer to set up Pinterest accounts, create boards and find group boards to join.

If you’re looking for a “side hustle”, this is one of the best since you can also continue managing your own Pinterest profile.

As a virtual assistant, you’ll have lots of opportunities to design pins for others, so this is another reason to become a Laughingbird Software Creatorpreneur.

5. Teach Others How to Use Pinterest

If you’re already good at using Pinterest and have your own successful profile, teach others just starting out how to use the site.

While there are millions of active users on Pinterest, there’s still a huge number who don’t understand it. Show them how to properly use Pinterest through an ebook or course.

Create an ebook with tips on how to succeed with Pinterest. Then sell it both on your blog and web site. Additionally, you can offer a podcast, video, or webinar course. You’ll earn income whenever someone signs up for your course and/or buys your ebook.

Once you’ve created your course or eBook, start pinning about it!

And finally, consider becoming a Pinterest “coach”. Offer one-on-one services and help exclusively with Pinterest.

That’s how to make money online using Pinterest!

Now here’s what you need to do:
1. Pick just one of the five options above and focus on making it happen.

2. Join the other Pinterest Creatorpreneurs by getting the Pinterest Templates software… so you can pop out stunning pins (and other marketing graphics) in minutes, even if you don’t have any graphic design experience.

This software was created for non-designers like you! Anyone can easily create pins and other graphics from the pre-designed templates. You don’t need to hire a designer and then wait for one or two expensive graphics.

Seriously, you don’t have the time! To make money online with Pinterest, you need to have lots of beautifully designed pins ready to go.

Start creating Pins for Pinterest Now!

Please note: We may occasionally be an affiliate or brand partner for some of the tools mentioned by Laughingbird Software. If you happen to purchase anything from links you click on in our emails or blog, we may receive a commission, at no cost to you. We’ll only suggest tools that’ll help grow your online business and make your day easier!

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