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Saturday, October 1, 2022

Grow your business... Visually!

The Graphics Creator is the perfect way to take your blog, website, and marketing to the next level. With stunning graphics and designs, you can create a professional look that will impress your readers.

Whether you’re looking for a new character mascot, book cover, or logo design, or want to create an eye-catching image for your blog or next social media post, The Graphics Creator makes it easy and fun to create beautiful graphics that will help you stand out from the competition.

Create Incredible Graphics & Designs Fast... For your Blog, website, marketing, social media, or art project!

No Photoshop or graphic design skills needed


Cartoon and Comic Elements

Cartoon elements and eye popping characters… marketing your website has never been so fun

People Graphics

Hundreds of people graphics with transparent backgrounds to simply drag and drop into your designs


Buttons, banners and badges – done for you, or add your own text! Use these for your next sale and users won’t be able to resist

3.2 million royalty-free stock photos… built right into the software.

Just search for it… right inside the app… and drag it straight onto the canvas!

The Graphic Creator is the perfect way to turn your business into a modern-day marvel. Design with 1,500+ unique template variations & 5000+ design elements (& more being added all the time).

Whether you need a character DESIGN or logo design – The Graphics Creator has easy tools that make designing images for small businesses (or even big ones) simple and fun!

• Log-in anytime from anywhere
• It’s always updated… Nothing to install
•Available for Mac, Windows, Linux, or Chromebooks

There’s also a downloadable version you can use (check out the Free Graphics Maker, also available for Mac and Windows)

Access to 1,500+ UNIQUE templates

Create a million images with this one amazing graphics tool!

The Graphics Creator online contains templates for any graphic you need to create for your small business…

Create a mascot character and put it into a YouTube thumbnail. Create a logo and instantly turn it into a business card. Unlimited creativity… unlimited results!


The Graphics Creator is an online creation tool.

Just login, pick a template – and modify it. You get unlimited revisions. Unlimited downloads… and a million possibilities.

Graphical Elements
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Some frequently asked questions...

You’ll be able to create professional-looking graphics fast and easy, giving you more time and money to run your business.

Plus, your business will get noticed and grab the attention of your perfect audience thanks to being able to create more, and better, visual content than ever before!

The Graphics Creator goes wayyyy beyond templates.

You can make all kinds of designs using its powerful creative features, Laughingbird Software’s tips and tricks tutorials, and your imagination!

Nope! Unlike other online design software, there are no limits to creating and saving your designs.

Go back to a saved design any time to modify and use again!

On our monthly plan, you can cancel at any time and you won’t be billed again! 

On any of our other plans or subscriptions, you get a hefty discount by paying up front! When you cancel, you won’t be billed again at the next time of renewal. 

Yes! You get direct access to Pexels library of royalty-free, commercially usable images… with no attribution required. 

The Graphics Creator subscription is for use by one person. So, it’s for you or for another person within your company who’ll be using it to create for you, such as a virtual assistant or content creator.

No problem!

Take a look at the Laughingbird Software store and get any of the templates and graphics you need. It’s the same software with the same amazing features… but it’s downloadable!

Yes!!! You can use almost any language in the Web Graphics Creator. Here’s how: 1. Go to google translate: 2. Type your text into the left-side box and select TRANSLATE (don’t forget to choose a language!) 3. Once the translation is made, highlight the translated text with your mouse and COPY IT. 4. PASTE the text directly into the image you are working on.

Are you ready? Let us help you save time and money... starting NOW!