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Tuesday, September 27, 2022

5 Super Simple Marketing Ideas to Help Grow Your Online Business

Quick marketing ideas are just what every solopreneur and small business needs to grow their business… fast. So, here are 5 really easy marketing tips that you can follow right now.

These tips are often overlooked but are some of the most simple ideas you need to know to market your business successfully.

5 Simple Marketing Tips to Grow Your Small Business Online

These 5 ideas are so easy to follow that they should be something you think about every day.

Check them out to make sure your online business is staying on track.

Idea #1: Don’t put all your eggs in one basket!

Protect yourself against the sudden changes in your business by increasing the number of products and services you offer… or by having more than one side business or income stream.

This idea is simple… If one product doesn’t sell well, your other products, services, or side businesses can still bring in the revenue you need to stay successful.

This is the same reason that investing in multiple stocks can protect you from losing all of your money!

Idea #2: Always stay in touch

Stay in contact with your customers. Customers are prospects too… if you want to offer them even more.

Make sure you are emailing your prospects consistently. Start a Facebook group to keep in touch. Or use other social media and post several times a week.

Don’t forget to use nice graphics and images in your marketing. Meaningful designs will actually help you sell more.

If you’re the creative type or serial entrepreneur, you can always find or develop other products or services to offer your target audience.

Here’s the truth: It’s much easier to make a sale to a previous customer than to someone who’s never bought from you. You already have the trust and customers understand the value of your product.

Idea #3: Don’t be “that internet marketer”

Don’t make claims that sound too good to be true. An overly bold claim creates doubt in your prospect’s mind and could jeopardize the sale.

Instead focus on exactly how your offer can help your audience or reduce their stress, pain, or suffering. And don’t be afraid to tell them how!

Idea #4: State exact numbers

When touting fractions or decimals, don’t round up or down. This may sound silly… but if you say “Over 60% of my users love me!”… it sounds unbelievable.

Instead, use actual numbers based on your analytics. Stating that “Our clients save 17.7 percent” sounds more real than “Our clients save 20 percent”… even if 20 percent is the rounded up number. Basic psychology is in play here.

Idea #5: Create an absolutely irresistible offer

Combine a special discount price PLUS a set of valuable bonuses in the same offer. For example, give a discount of 25% on your product AND give your customer a free, helpful worksheet or ebook in your niche.

To make this offer truly irresistible, create colorful ads and stunning e-covers for your bonus offer. Don’t assume that well-written copy is enough. You need to stand out by catching your prospect’s eye first.

The bottom line is… always offer more value than you’d ever think you need to… that is, only if you want to make more sales 🙂


These 5 easy marketing ideas will help you grow your online business. Although they’re very simple, they’re also highly effective.

Now grab super easy-to-use software and ready-made templates to create cool ads for marketing, virtual covers for your offers, logos for your online business, and so much more! Create them all online in minutes!

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