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Tuesday, December 6, 2022

5 Free Gift Ideas Small Business Owners Can Create in Minutes

Your small business is having a rough year and money is tight. You’re feeling stressed and overwhelmed. And, your employees, clients, and business partners might be feeling the strain as well. Unfortunately, ignoring the situation won’t lift employees’ spirits or help you keep your clients or customers.

Instead, showing appreciation, even if you’re a small business owner without much money to spend, is essential.

Want to learn the secret of how to create free gifts in just a few minutes… for just about anyone your business values?

Free Gift Ideas You Can Easily Create

You just might’ve used these ideas for friends and family. So, they really shouldn’t be surprising, yet most small businesses probably overlook them.

And here it is… the only thing you need to give out these free gift ideas is a personalized coupon or gift certificate. Yup that’s it!

Two Ways to Make Your Own Gifts

  • You can handwrite and color your own
  • Or quickly make your own with The Graphics Creator software and templates.

Download the software and templates here.

Now take a look at the 5 gift ideas you can give out just by creating a coupon or certificate (and don’t miss the gift lists for employees and customers as well).

1. Give Your Employees Time Off

This is super easy to do with a coupon. You can give an entire day off or just an hour or two. But do be sure to be flexible by allowing your employee to choose the best time for them.

2. Offer Your Service to a Charitable Organization for Free

Your service to others will be appreciated, not only by the organization to which you donate your time, but by your customers and employees. And, as a small business, you may also get recognition for your charitable service.

So consider offering your time (or product) to an organization that makes sense for your business. Let your customers or employees interests guide you.

Create this Certificate with The Graphics Creator to honor those in need

3. Show Appreciation

A simple certificate of appreciation can grow your connection with your employees or customers. Put some thought into it and make it personalized.

Certificate of Appreciation example

4. Give Them an IOU

Use a coupon to offer a valuable service, product, or reward. Even if your business doesn’t currently have a lot of revenue, you can offer employees, for example, a reward “party” for meeting a future (but reasonable) goal.

Small Business owners can create a gift certificate to give employees

5. Offer a Valuable Freebie or Consultation

Give your most valuable clients free time…. with you! Teach your customers something special for free. Or give your employee a coupon for free products from the company itself.

Certificate coupon for a free gift.

List of Free or Inexpensive Gifts To Give Your Employees

  • Create a slideshow or video that includes them.
  • Give them coupons for free vacation time, to sleep in one day, go home 3 hours early, get an extended lunch break, etc.
  • Donate time to a local charitable organization that they’d like to support. Let them choose… and participate in volunteering!
  • Bake them a treat (but list ingredients in case of allergies).
  • Make something for them if you’re crafty
  • Let them take turns getting special treatment (offer your parking spot or let them work in your office, choose the overhead music, or get to microwave their lunches first).

List of Cheap or Free Gifts To Give Your Clients or Customers

  • Ask another company who has the same or similar customers to offer your customers a discount (and offer the same in return of course).
  • Offer a free consultation, lesson, or video/book series.
  • Create an online group focused on helping them solve their problems.
  • Donate your time to a local charity in honor of your customers.
  • Throw a small but special party (if customers are local).
  • Bake them a treat (but list ingredients in case of allergies).
  • Make something for them if you’re crafty.
  • Create a list of other products/companies who are offering discounts that they might find useful
Small business Owners: Here are 5 free gift ideas you can create in just minutes. Make them for customers, employees, or business partners.


Giving free gifts is all about being creative. Focus on an idea that’s meaningful, useful, and valuable for the gift receiver, not on what you happen to like.

Small Business Owners: Use These Coupons and Certificate Templates to Create Your Own Free Gifts

Want to make certificates and coupons in minutes? Grab these templates and get The Graphics Creator software for FREE.

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