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Tuesday, April 23, 2024

The Creatorpreneurs Newsletter Issue #7: CREATORPRENEUERS ACADEMY

Greetings fellow Creatorpreneurs!

Lisa and I have been revising The Laughingbird website on the backend over the past few weeks. We’re completely revamping Laughingbird Software and we’re super excited about it all. 🤗
We’ll update you more on this big change shortly.
One of the things we’re working on is The Creatorpreneurs Academy! It’s a place for you to visit and get some great marketing and graphics tips that’ll help your business (or yourself!) grow!
So today’s newsletter is dedicated to giving you a sneak peek at some of the tips and tricks you’ll find inside Academy.



Repurpose Long-Form Content into SlideShare Presentations
Did you know there’s a website called Slideshare? Did you know they get 15 million views a month!?
SlideShare has a huge audience and less than 1 percent of marketers manage to address their audience, which makes it all the more available as a source when it comes to spreading your content.
Take one of your blog articles – and turn it into a slideshow!
Can’t do that yourself? No time? … hire somebody on!
Cheap-ish… and easy.  🤗

Buyable Pins

Look up your niche on Pinterest. 
Pinterest offers a unique feature that allows users to search for products and buy them directly from the Pinterest site.
Many social media platforms are pay-for-play when it comes to ads or direct links. So far, this Pinterest feature won’t cost you anything.
Buyable Pins are free for online retailers to set up and simple for consumers to search and find:
Think Pinterest is just for window shopping? Think again.

Create regular newsletter features to give your readers something to look forward to.

For example:
Freebie Fridays
Tips Tuesdays
Infographic Wednesdays
Special Offer Mondays
These are just examples. Figure out what kind of content your subscribers really respond to well, and then create a regular feature for them to look forward to. 
Look at this very newsletter – it works! 😊
There are more tips like these coming in the new Creatorpreneurs Academy! Coming Soon to a theatre near you!

I have used this technique SO much over the past year! I get tired of looking at my desktop wallpaper, so I hop into The Graphics Creator and make my own every now and then (it’s amazing what you can do with a PNG image of Spider-Man 😝). Some of you may have seen this video before, but I’m showing it again to our new family members. It’s a good one!

How to Create Your Own Wallpaper with The Graphics Creator

Hope you got some inspiration from today’s Newsletter! Let us know – you can leave a comment, or just reply back to this eMail.
And tell your friends about it! … it couldn’t hurt.
See you next week!

– Marc and Lisa

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