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Saturday, June 22, 2024

Creatorpreneurs Academy: Quick SEO Fixes

Hey Creatorpreneur! What are you doing to optimize your website for the search engines? (If you answered, “Nothing” or “Not much”, you might be killing your business).

Who doesn’t want to be on the first page of a search on Google?

In today’s Creatorpreneur Academy lesson, Marc and I are going to show you how easy it is to rank a little higher on Google.

Don’t Let Your a Lack of SEO Knowledge Kill Your Business!

There are certain things with SEO that will NEVER change.

First, make sure you have these 3 things on every page of your site:

• Make sure your page title accurately reflects the page it’s on.

• Make sure you use ALT tags on ALL of your images (and don’t repeat the same alt-tag, use synonyms).

• Make sure the page is USER-friendly (too many ads or ‘pop up’ opt-in forms? Fix these. Your visitors will love you and so will Google).

There are four other things you can do pretty easily:

Make sure your site is mobile-friendly.

… to check, hop over to this page:

Google will let you know instantly if your page is mobile-friendly or not. AND, if not… it’ll give you help and suggestions on how to fix it all.

We’ve all thought about the changes we need to make as more people go mobile. Even if you’ve made the change to a mobile-friendly website, there are additional adjustments that you simply must do.

There’s no way I’m sticking around a slow, difficult-to-use website, especially when I’m on the go with cell phone in hand

…frankly, I don’t know anyone else who would waste their time.

Your page needs to load quickly. MOST of your webpage is most likely text. It’s your images that may be slowing down your page. Image sizing is easy to fix.

If you’re using WordPress, search for an “Image Optimization” plugin. The plugin will do all of the hard work on the back end for you.

Next, Become Familiar with “Voice Search”

Speaking of mobile, time to start focusing on making your site ‘voice search friendly” This can be done by thinking about how someone will ask a question on their mobile device.

I’m betting it’ll be more conversational, which means people will be asking the Who, What, Where, Why, and How questions. Plan your search keywords carefully using these.

For example, instead of using the keywords “flower shop”, try “Where is the nearest flower shop”

Be creative. In your text, you can say something like: “If you’re looking for the nearest Flower Shop, you’ve come to the right place”

… Or, “If you’re looking to create the best graphics for your website, You’ve found it”. 😀

Social Media is very important!

Think about how important it is to have access to your customers’ wishes and needs in real time.

Have you ever had a customer who emails and says “I asked you for help over an hour ago! Why haven’t you responded?”

Upon first thought, I think this person needs a little patience. However, as soon as I reflect on my own expectations, I’m in total agreement. I don’t like to wait for help either, especially when I’m in the middle of a project. That’s where social media comes in. Your visitors and/or customers are accustomed to getting information whenever they need it.

By connecting with social media, you and your business can get real-time feedback (as well as easily provide it), which ultimately allows you to constantly modify your SEO methods as you go along. How about taking some time to beef up your social media accounts today?

Then, make sure you’re telling your visitors EVERYwhere how to reach you on Social Media.

When the Google robots come around to your page to index it, they’ll look upon this practice favorably.  It’s a win-win for you and your customer.

Content is ALWAYS Important in SEO

Yes, content is still of incredible importance. Yes, keeping up with meaningful content is tough.

And YES, you can do it!

We’ve all heard that Google is focusing more and more on content and trying desperately to avoid keyword spamming. Now, Google is striving for content to be relevant and directly related to a few important keywords rather than many.

So, it’s time to get your relevant content out there. Send out some fresh content through Facebook and Twitter.

Don’t have a lot of time for creating new content?

I get it.

… and that’s exactly why Marc and I Created The Graphics Creator. You can create INSTANT content in just a minute or two.

See the blog graphic at the top of this page? It was created in under 2 minutes. It’s my new content and I created it easily.

And you can too.

Grab The Graphics Creator and create a massive ton of beautiful visual content that your visitors (and Google… and Facebook!) will love.

Hope you enjoyed this. Tell me what you liked in the comments below!  😀

Happy Creating!

Create all kinds of content for social media AND your SEO efforts with The Graphics Creator… Daily!

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