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Saturday, June 22, 2024

Pinterest for Business: How to Make a Plan that Works

So, you’re here because you want to succeed in using Pinterest for Business.

And you most likely have a product or service you’d like help marketing. But you’re just not sure where to start or how to do it? Read on… it’s easier than you think  🙂

Everyone’s always saying how great Pinterest is and how easy it is to spread your pins around the world. But let’s get real… using Pinterest for business is in a whole different universe than just swapping free recipes.

In a previous article, 5 Pinterest Fails Every Beginner Can Avoid, I told you about my “Biggest Fail” for beginners on Pinterest:

Not having a plan!

Yikes! Don’t make the same big Pinterest Mistake! Follow the questions below to work out your own Pinterest for Business plan.

I’m sure you’ve been giving your plan a lot of thought and have come up with exactly what you intend to do every single day, right?! [cough] [cough]

Well, if you’re spending the time to learn Pinterest for business, then you absolutely need to have a plan of action! Otherwise, you’re just wasting time.

I know. I know. It’s much easier to continue browsing through Pinterest as if a tidy little done-for-you business plan will be dropped on your lap at any moment.

And it’s a little confusing when you’re not quite sure what you’re supposed to be doing.

But just spend a couple of minutes reading below and you’ll end up with your very own action plan.

Ready? Here’s the simple Pinterest business plan I followed.

In my previous Pinterest article, I proposed a few questions for you to answer about your purpose for using Pinterest for business.

Follow along now and write down your own answers to these questions. I’ve provided the questions again as well as my own responses to make it easy for you to copy me (no need to be fancy…this is just for you).

Using my business plan has increased my viewers, impressions, and engagement with my target market!

Additionally, my Pinterest business plan has lowered my stress and has brought way more traffic to my site!

Follow along with these questions and devise your own plan while answering these important business questions.


1. What are my Pinterest business goals?

My goals are to double my number of targeted followers, double the number of people who see my pins and increase the number of re-pins and clicks I’ve been getting by 10%.

Notice how I made these goals measurable by wanting to “double” my number of targeted followers, “double” the number of people who see my pins, and “increase” the number of re-pins and clicks by “10%”.

You can be even more specific if you want. Just make sure your goals are reasonable.

For extra help in growing your followers, watch the brief video “How to Use Pinterest – A Tutorial to Bring More Traffic to Your Site”.


2. What do you intend to achieve with your Pinterest business plan?

I intend to provide visually attractive content that will engage my audience.

First, I’ll catch their attention with professional images. That will lead them to click on my business pins.

Finally, they’ll view my content that solves a problem or dilemma they’re having in their business. Then, they’ll have the opportunity to easily get the logo and graphics needed for their website or blog.


3. What content will be helpful to your audience and how will you deliver it?

I can provide content that will give my audience affordable and easy solutions to their constant need for website, blog and business graphics.

Problems they are having include visitors leaving their site before buying because of poor graphics, not having access to easy templates to create their own graphics, spending too much money hiring designers, not having time to learn other difficult graphics software, etc…

I can provide this content by sharing other’s quality pins on these topics. Additionally, I can share images and informative blog articles and video tutorials directly from Laughingbird Software’s blog. What I share will provide direct solutions to my customer’s problems.


4. When will you deliver this information?

I’ll deliver this content loosely based on my research of “best times” to pin as well as what works for me (2-4pm, 8-11pm, Saturday morning). I’ll review my analytics and responses to pins weekly to determine the best time to pin to my followers (based on country, sex, and interest).

Done! Actually thinking about these questions and writing down the answers helped a LOT. Now I can better visualize my simple Pinterest plan as well as the reasons I should spend time making it happen. Definitely worth the time!

If you still haven’t done this, answer these questions for your own business so that you, too, will have a simple Pinterest plan to follow.

Start writing out your simple Pinterest for business marketing plan… and make your social media marketing life a whole lot easier.


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