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How to Increase Blog Traffic with Pinterest

Every blogger needs to be using Pinterest to gain maximum traffic to their blog. Period.

At a 2-million active monthly users, Pinterest may be way smaller than the social media giant, Facebook. But it has clearly become one of the most useful platforms for bloggers as well as small business.

This is because using Pinterest can actually increase your blog’s traffic exponentially. To learn how to increase blog traffic using Pinterest, read on…

How does Pinterest increase blog traffic?

Pinterest has less competition as compared to Facebook. A pin’s half-life span is 1,600 times longer than that on Facebook. That means even if a pin or your post was first published months ago, it can still drive traffic to your site.

Pinterest analytics will help increase traffic by letting ou know which pins are actually being clicked on, saved or shared.
Check out the average number of viewers… over 600,000, with 21000+ clicking on or saving pins from Laughingbird Software each month!

Just imagine each pin you share still getting pinned five or six months later. As long as you’re sharing evergreen content, your pin can be re-shared all year long… and then some.  That’s why savvy entrepreneurs love using Pinterest. Traffic can be repeatedly obtained just through one pin!

This is great news when we compare it to the short life of Tweets and even Facebook posts!

And check out the stats:

One out of two US millennials is now using Pinterest, of which 7 out of 10 are women. They use it more than Twitter and Snapchat.

While there are clearly more women using Pinterest, more and more men are coming on board. In fact, 40% of new users are men. That means if your blog is targeting males, you have an increased chance of reaching them.

But what you really want to know is how to increase blog traffic with Pinterest?

Follow these steps to start driving traffic now:

-First, you must set up a Pinterest Business profile.

If you already have a Pinterest account, you can turn that into a Business profile. If not, you can “Join as Business” while setting up an account. This gives you the opportunity to verify your business and then get data analysis showing how Pinterest is bringing traffic to your site. This will help you determine which pins are working and which aren’t.

You can then create a pinning strategy based on the gathered information.

-Next, optimize your profile and pins.

Pinterest works much like a search engine and you should, therefore, treat it as one. Create relevant keywords to use in your profile, such as in your bio, title, and perhaps even your username.

Create each pin and then add keyword-rich descriptions and even hashtags.

Most importantly, add a link to each pin. Your followers are expecting to be directed to your blog article or website once they click on the pin. Make sure your pins correctly link to the desired page. Otherwise, you won’t be getting any traffic directed to your blog!

Create your pins, including video pins, with The Graphics Creator’s Pinterest templates:

Pinterest Templates with Motion Graphics

-Then, further optimize your pins to drive the greatest traffic!

Rich pins have additional information visible on the pin itself. For example, when you click a pin of a food recipe, you might actually see the ingredients and instructions for making it. Often, the rich pin includes at least the name of your blog or website. Pinterest can show you exactly how to do this.

Once you’ve connected the rich pins feature, the absolutely #1 most important thing to do next is to create beautiful, traffic-increasing pins that pinners will notice and want to click on.

First, note that vertical pins tend to get more attention than rectangular images. That is likely because they take up more space on the feed than horizontal ones. They are also bigger and allow you to add more information on the pin.

Apart from that, make sure your pins look visually great. The design and title of each pin should be created with your viewers in mind. It should contain information that you know your target audience will love. Keep it niche specific as well.

How to increase blog traffic with Pinterest.
Design beautiful pins to increase traffic to your blog!

Most influencers on Pinterest create their own pins. It’s affordable and fast using simple graphic design templates. Use a tool that already has Pinterest-sized pins and is easy to modify the text and image. The ideal size for a vertical pin is 600px wide x 900px high.

There are lots of different designs you can use to help your pin get the attention, and the traffic, it deserves.

Make sure your design looks clean and uncluttered. Use only one to three colors, as well as one to two fonts max. You’ll soon see that there are certain pins that’ll make it clear how to increase blog traffic with Pinterest, and others that simply don’t make the grade.

-Create boards and join others’ group boards.

Boards are a way for you to organize your pins. These will help you categorize the pins you own and the pins you save from the Pinterest site. You can also create a secret board where you can hoard your pins for later publishing. These secret boards can only be seen by you.

Group boards, on the other hand, are very similar to your own. However, there are multiple pinners that contribute to the group.

This is a great way for your own pins to reach other users from the same niche. When they repin your post, there are more chances that their followers will re-pin it as well.

Your Pinterest profile can include mutiple boards focusing on many different topics which will help grow your blog traffic.
Using multiple boards with different topics is one way how to increase blog traffic with Pinterest.

-Finally, in order to gain maximum traffic, consider using paid advertising through Pinterest.

By paying for a pin to get more reach, you’re bringing a bigger audience to your own Pinterest account and website. There can also be a snowball effect, where some pins get more reach, repins, and engagement than what you paid for.

This is because re-pins will be broadcasted on an individual pinner’s account. Therefore, there’s an even great chance of other people seeing your pins.

Unlike other social media platforms, engagement does not usually happen immediately on Pinterest. It gradually builds after 24 hours or more but may take weeks to ramp up.

Don’t sweat it! Instead, use these steps to focus on how to increase blog traffic with Pinterest. Create something that people will gladly share and your traffic will increase!

Find out how to make your own Pinterest pins daily using the Graphics Creator and Pinterest templates:

How to Make Stunning Pinterest Pins: DIY in Minutes

How to increase your blog traffic using Pinterest. Follow these Pinterest tips.
Share with other bloggers on Pinterest!

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