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Tuesday, May 17, 2022

Features of The Graphics Creator

If you’re a frequent user of The Logo Creator / Creator7 software, you’ll see that the Online Web Graphics Creator is just as easy to use, but with more incredible capabilities!

Here are some of the awesome new features you’ll find in The Web Graphics Creator.

  • We’ve added the entire archive of Google fonts! Over 800 ROYALTY FREE fonts to use in your designs!
  • We’ve added thousands of searchable stock photos & images! FREE! We’ve implemented the power of – They’ve offered their entire library of images to Laughingbird Software! These graphics are 100% royalty free and are listed under the “Creative Commons “0” label. Meaning, you can use them for anything you wish, including any project or commercial needs.
  • Text & image manipulation is even easier than before! Just grab and drag the handles on any text or image. You can even skew and slant… in any direction!
  • A full library of motion video to add to your designs! Just grab the handles…
  • Export your designs as full video or as Animated Gifs! Just grab the handles…

Full List of Features in the Web Graphics Creator editor:

  • Color Picker- Let’s you choose & match any color in your design with a click
  • Pre-designed template sizes for social media, blog and eCover graphics
  • Custom canvas formatting
  • Drag & drop design
  • Easy “handles” let you drag your text/images to re-size, rotate, skew and italicize
  • Save custom templates
  • Save your designs in custom folders
  • Upload your own images & graphics
  • Export designs with a transparent background
  • Export designs as Animated Gifs
  • Custom text outlines
  • Custom text & object shadows
  • Custom text & canvas color
  • Image flipping
  • Opacity tool
  • Duplication of text & images (easily match font, color and size)
  • Bring images/text to the front
  • Send images/text to the back
  • Import a Video
  • “Save As” let’s you set up your own categories and save your images permanently.
  • Download images in multiple formats
  • Select from hundreds of graphic elements
  • Undo and Redo
  • Unlimited access to video tutorials, and our all-inclusive in-house support
  • More new features coming soon!

What you can Create:

  • eBook cover images
  • Blog headers
  • Social media headers, covers & post graphics
  • Video headers
  • Advertisements
  • Web headers and banners
  • Mockups
  • Business cards
  • Custom signatures
  • Website graphics
  • Presentation graphics
  • Logos
  • Video Thumbnails
  • Icons
  • T-shirt designs
  • Use your imagination!
  • Blog headers
  • Social media headers, covers & post graphics
  • Video headers
  • Advertisements
  • Web headers and banners
  • Mockups
  • Business cards
  • Custom signatures
  • Website graphics
  • Presentation graphics
  • Logos
  • Video Thumbnails
  • Icons
  • T-shirt designs
  • Use your imagination!

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