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Thursday, September 29, 2022

Cinemagraphs: Capture Attention with Moving Images and Photos

Wish You Had a “Magical” Way to Grab a Viewer’s Attention?

You can make any advertisement or project come alive by using a professionally shot moving image from a cinemagraph pro… the big brands are using them and now you can too (but at a fraction of the cost!).

…Think “Harry Potter” photographs, optical illusions, or seemingly endless looping video.

They’re basically a really cool way to capture attention with moving images!

Watch this video to see how cinemagraphs will help you and your business capture attention:

What Are Cinemagraphs?

Cinemagraphs are a perfect combination of a still photograph and a video. They can make things feel like they’re moving faster, slower, or are totally frozen.

Additionally, one of the really cool things about a cinemagraph is that it will loop endlessly, therefore playing until your viewer leaves the page. This is what makes a cinemagraph a true attention-getter for entrepreneurs and internet marketers!

What Are Cinemagraphs Used For?

1. Moving images for backgrounds

2. Animated GIF’s for social media

3. Attention-Getting social media posts

4. Video clips within your other video productions

5. Advertisements

6. Email announcements

7. Presentations

8. Get Creative!

Do I Have to Make a Cinemagraph?

If you’re skilled in photography, video, and technology, then perhaps you can make your own cinemagraphs.

However, most of us don’t have the skills or time to create our own, especially if it means learning a new software program. As small businesses and entrepreneurs, our time is much better spent doing what we are good at, right? Because that’s how we earn our money.

So, the best answer is, no, you don’t need to create your own. And if you’re worried that you don’t have the resources to make a large investment in eye-catching cinemagraphs for your business, then you’re in luck.

How Do I Get a Cinemagraph for My Design Projects?

You can purchase one at a time directly from a stock agency or professional.

Or, even better, you can get a bundle of 27 cinemagraphs for the price of just one from a stock agency. Grab a bundle of stunning moving images that can be used for multiple projects and you won’t have to stress.

Can I Save Cinemagraphs as animated GIF’s or mp4 video?

Yes, you can save them as GIF’s or in other standard video file formats, such as mp4.

Since a cinemagraph image already has motion, you don’t need to add any video to it. However, you will need to save it in a video file format.

In The Graphics Creator, you can choose whether to record your project as a GIF or Webm… then you can download and convert to another video file (say .mp4 or .mov) if needed. Social Media platforms often require different video formats. Webm works great on Facebook, for example, but you’ll need to use .mp4 for a Pinterest video.

Take a look at the video to find out how to record a Moving Image in The Graphics Creator with just a couple of clicks:

What Software Do I Need to Create Ads or Social Media Posts With Cinemagraphs?

You can save time and money by creating your own ads and social media posts, whether or not you’re using cinemagraphs. Spending hundreds to thousands of dollars for images you need every day in your business will only drain your budget and you’ll have a hard time continuing to pay for all you need.

Instead, take a look at this easy-to-use tool, so that all you’ll need to do is add text to your moving images (you can still choose your own fonts, colors, and design elements if you’d like).

Then grab your pre-designed cinemagraphs and have an attention-getting motion image in just minutes.

With only a small investment in time and money, you’ll have access to spectacular images that get you more traffic, more clicks, and more sales.

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