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Thursday, September 29, 2022

Social Media Design: Create and Post in 4 Easy Steps

You need stunning social media design to bring attention to your online business. Of course, you know that! However, you also know it’s a challenge to put yourself out there on social media because

  • It’s really hard for you to create attention-getting designs (I mean, hey, you’re a business owner, NOT a designer)
  • You don’t want to pay hundreds of dollars for just a months worth of posts
  • And you just can’t create new designs and post them fast enough!

So, your business suffers.

Social media design and marketing is either just too expensive, time-consuming, or you’re just completely overwhelmed even thinking about it! Unfortunately, this means you’re just not doing everything you can to be successful.

Well, how about some happy news for once?! By following four simple steps…

You can create and post MULTIPLE, attention-grabbing social media designs in less than thirty minutes.

Let’s go! Grab Laughingbird Software’s pre-designed templates first!

Step 1- Choose the eye-catching visuals you want for your business.

Make them consistent with your brand. Consider the colors, fonts, logo, and elements BEFORE starting your design. Not only will it make it easier to create your design, you’ll stay focused and maintain the quality of your design.

Step 2- Create ONE perfect graphic (with your brand elements) using a pre-designed template… for just one social media account (really, just create one!).

Make sure to “Save” it! I usually create my pins for Pinterest first because they’re narrow and easy to expand and modify.

Step 3- Now, decide what other graphics you’d like to post on social media.

Simply adjust the canvas size to an acceptable size for each social platform (just “Google” often because platform sizes do change).

Always use “Save As” before modifying each new design so that you’ll save each separately and can easily make revisions if needed. Then move the elements and text to meet the new canvas size (just drag the designs “handles” to shrink or enlarge). Now, “Save” your design.

Below, I modified my pin to fit on any Facebook post, just by moving the text and elements slightly.

Here’s what’s really cool!

Now just enlarge the image slightly for a YouTube banner or thumbnail, turn it into a 1080 X 1080 square for Instagram, or elongate and narrow it for a Twitter header.

Or get creative and modify even more…

Check out the video to see how to easily modify a social media template.

Step 4- Post your first social media design.

“Download” (“export”) each design to your desktop or a folder labeled specifically for your social graphics. You can download the design as a PNG or a JPG.

I prefer a “sharper” PNG for social graphics. However, if you’re posting the graphic to your website or blog, you may wish to use JPG in order to keep your site from slowing down when it loads (for example, when creating a pin for Pinterest that you’ll be posting on your blog first).

Finally, repeat this process until you have beautiful, consistent-looking posts for every platform you want to post on. Since the graphics are on your desktop or in a folder, you can now easily post each to the proper social media account.

Ready to finally get attention to your business?

Create a beautiful social media design and post it using the simple steps above.

Start creating now with the all-in-one, cloud-based Graphics Creator OR the downloadable social media design templates.

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