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Thursday, September 29, 2022

Make Short Videos for Social Media to Get Better Engagement

Want more engagement from your videos on social media?

Creatorpreneurs, create a short video that’ll help you attract the right kind of attention, spread brand awareness, and improve your organic reach. 

Why You Should Create Short Videos for Social Media

Short videos are popular because they work. According to research done by Hubspot, the recommended length for a video on various social media platforms are:

  • Instagram videos: 26 seconds
  • Twitter videos: 45 seconds
  • Facebook videos: 1 minute
  • YouTube videos: 2 minutes

While there are a number of reasons why short videos are popular, one of the most obvious ones is the fact that they give out helpful information in small “bites”.

They don’t take up much of your time and can deliver on their promise right away.

After all, successful social media content should be instantly gratifying or you’ll risk losing your audience.

Why Social Media Users Will Watch a Short Video:

  1. To consume content without wasting much time
  2. To keep track of the latest happenings around them
  3. To be informed on trending topics of their interest
  4. And to get entertained!

Create a Short Animated Explainer Video

Today, create a short, 30-second video that shows viewers that you understand their problem or frustration and that you have the best solution.

Take a look at our 2-minute YouTube explainer video.

We created this video with Powtoons, one of our own favorite tools for many years.

If you need help or aren’t sure how to begin making videos, create an animated explainer video using Powtoons. You can start for free, so check it out!

Just so you know, Laughingbird Software is an affiliate for Powtoons, so we may get a small commission if you decide to purchase it. Hey, we love it and use it 🙂 

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