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    Tired of writing pages and pages on your blog or website just to get a point across? How about telling a story with infographics instead?

    If you’re marketing content online, you can make complicated or boring subjects easy-to-learn, and perhaps even captivating!


    Create Infographics for your blog, website, and social media!

    Grab these 100+ editable PSD Infographics that’ll make sharing helpful information easy! They’re perfect for use in Photoshop. PLUS, try using one as a pin on Pinterest!


    Here are some of the Infographics templates you get:


    PDS Infographics Templates ExamplesMore Infographics you can modify with Photoshop


    And here are even more templates… all modifiable as Photoshop files!

    PDS Infographics Templates included in the set


    Easily create your own Infographics like these:

    Blue background Infographic template example


    Create an Infographic with steps and pathways


    Item Features

    • Photoshop-friendly Infographics (PSD files) that you can modify!
    • Perfect for use on your website or blog to help you tell a story and provide information about your product or service
    • 100 infographic templates in different sizes, colors, and layouts
    • Export as PSD


    • ***Premium Content Partnership***Not included in online Web Graphics Creator
    • Use with Photoshop or any program compatible with PSD files (PSD files are NOT for use in The Graphics Creator Software)
    • Win/Mac compatible
    • Software download

    You just need Photoshop to edit any of these stunning infographics!


    Shows the kind of PSD Info Graph You Can Create



    Start Creating Master Infographics for your blog, website, and social media now!