A “call-to-action” (CTA) tells viewers exactly what you want them to do next. On social media, this is just as important as in a blog article, video, or on a web page. 

You want your planned post to share a story, have a big attention-getting graphic, and then tell them exactly what to do with that information.

In most social posts, you will tell them to: “Subscribe”, “Learn More” “Find out How To…”, “Share”, and perhaps even “Get The Offer”.

Before writing your CTA, have a clear idea of what action you want a potential customer to do. And, decide whether you will direct them to your website, blog, video, podcast, or sales page.

Drive traffic using a CTA in an Attention-Grabbing Social Graphic

The number one most important piece of a perfect social post is your image. If your post doesn’t quickly capture attention, you’ll get very few views, if any.

Words are competing for attention everywhere. And even if you’ve written an amazing story and offer, they may never be seen without first capturing your audience’s attention with a stunning graphic.

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