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Tuesday, April 23, 2024

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NEW! Bobblehead Spokespeople

50 creative spokespeople to help you sell your stuff!


Introducing: Laughingbird’s Bobblehead Spokespeople! They’re happy, they’re funny, and they can be used in any marketing campaign.

Laughingbird’s Bobblehead Spokespeople will help you sell any product or service using an innovative, yet classic, advertising technique. These Bobbleheads are guaranteed to turn heads and get people’s attention so you can stand out from your competition. Plus, they have the added benefit of being hilarious!


New! The Hall of (Smiling) Presidents

All 46 American Presidents to help you sell your stuff.




Laughingbird’s Smiling Presidents Spokespeople are here to help! These spokespeople are incredibly lifelike, and will relentlessly pitch your products to all who are in earshot. Whether it’s on a sales page, or a YouTube video, these Presidents will be sure to help you sell more to your customers.


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Due to popular demand, we’ve set this area up so that you can now access ALL of the designs from one menu!  🤗

Marc's Saved Designs

Put on your thinking caps! Marc is an expert at the Graphics Creator and he’ll be adding new templates as he works on new projects. Stop in to see what’s going on with his designs, and use a template for yourself!

Lisa's Saved Designs

Lisa’s Graphics are always changing!
She’ll be updating and deleting templates as she works on projects. Stop in to check out what she’s working on, then feel free to use any of the clear-cut graphics for your own needs!

The Greatest Show template set

With The Greatest Show templates, there’s no need for you to perform. These designs will help you stand out in the crowd with confidence!

The Ad Creator

75 Beautiful Ready-To-Modify Ad Designs

Create your own online Ads without spending a fortune on your marketing design.

The Character Creator

1,000 elements that let you design your own mascot or character. Choose from different body poses, heads, mouths, eyes… and tons more. 

Call to Action Templates

Create graphics fast that’ll pull in new customers and tell your current audience what to do or where to go next.

YouTube Channel Art Creator

Get more clicks on your videos with these eye-catching thumbnail and banner templates! Sized perfectly for your YouTube channel.

Logos & Business Cards

Designing a logo is hard.

But with Laughingbird’s logo creator, it doesn’t have to be! These templates are designed by professional designers and can be customized in minutes.

eCovers & Mockups

Create gorgeous 3D eBook Covers in minutes. Whether you’re an expert designer or haven’t designed anything before, creating a 3D image is super easy with these templates.

Social Media Templates

The Social Media templates help you design, post, and sell as many graphics as you need to, each and every day. Modify them again and again, in just a few minutes.

The Scenery Creator

Design with layers… without Photoshop or any design skills!
These templates are fantastic for building a scene, inspirational quotes or tips on social media. Use them with motion graphic backgrounds!

The People Pak

Over 130 images of “transparent” people images to use in your marketing and social media designs.

Thousands of combinations!

The Character Collection

In this fun template set, you can mix and match characters. You’ll get individual PNG (transparent!) characters to help you make the perfect design for your business Over 100 creative templates – Ready to modify!

The Motion Graphics Pak

Ever wondered how to put a moving background into your ad or social media, just like your competition does?

You can do it now! Add attention-getting moving images to any design with these colorful video backgrounds!

Certificates & Coupons

Create certificates and coupons for all a your offers, sales, awards, and appreciations… fast! No design experience needed.

Realistic Templates

Marketing your online business is exhausting… and expensive.

Well, it’s time to get creative… without the stress! These Blog Graphic templates will help save your budget by letting you create images for your blog posts… even without a design degree.

Text Effects Templates

Don’t be plagued by boring text and dull fonts any longer! The Text Effects templates are radically fun, fresh, and different than anything you’ve seen.

You can even create your own unique style just by dragging and dropping textures into your own words.

Viral Puzzle Templates

Wish you could make your social media post go viral? Or at least get way more engagement with your customers or students?

Have fun while encouraging increased interaction and attention.

Seriously… you won’t believe how many people will respond to a posting of one of these brain teaser graphics on social media!

Coming Soon

Stay tuned for more fun and creative template sets!

Coming Soon

Stay tuned for more fun and creative template sets!