Laughingbird Software Creatorpreneurs Facebook Group Rules

Welcome to our FREE community of innovative, fun, clever and supportive Creatorpreneurs. 

We not only run our own businesses but we create our own graphics and brand design for our websites, blogs, emails and social media… and sometimes for others!

And here’s the thing… most of us are not graphic designers 😀 . We’re entrepreneurs, small business owners, and marketers who understand the value in being able to control and grow our businesses with graphics whenever and however we want!

In our amazing community, we hang out together to share ideas, advice, inspiration, questions and answers… about being entrepreneurs as well as about graphic design, marketing, and Laughingbird’s Software’s Graphics Creator, the snappiest way to design your own graphics for your biz at any moment of the day.

Because of our large and constantly growing group, as well as our desire to include and support each and every one of our #Creatorpreneurs, we do have some simple rules, both Do’s and Don’ts.

Please follow them so that your post doesn’t get deleted.  🙂


1. Network & Connect! Say Hi! Make friends!

2. Post an introduction of yourself: Feel free to tell us whatever you’d like us to know about yourself and what kind of business you’re in.

3. Ask lots of questions about graphics, design, branding, small and online business and the software itself! And answer any questions you can. Remember, this is a community… we’re all in this together.

4. Browse previous comments to find some cool tips, tricks, and feedback from other entrepreneurs who also happen to use Laughingbird products.

5. Post images you create with Laughingbird Software templates and graphics. And please tell us how you made it with The Graphics Creator (but make sure to see “DON’Ts” #5 below… no spamming the group. Spam is a great treat, but it gets kinda smelly in a Facebook group).

6. Take advantage of any opportunities we give you when we ask you to post links to your business. We’ll make an announcement!


1. Be Nice. DON’T be offensive. That means, don’t do anything that MIGHT offend anyone… easy, right? This is just a group for graphics and visual marketing, not for putting others down.

So, no offensive language or inappropriate behavior, for starters.

Additionally, our incredible world-wide #Creatorpreneurs are from every political, religious, cultural, and racial background on the planet and we would rather learn from each other than be divided.

Therefore, absolutely no posting of anything that may be considered to have a personal agenda, including religious and political views, or anything potentially divisive (just go post these topics somewhere else that allows it). This group is about getting help and feedback for our designs and marketing only.

If you wish to post a “holiday” meme for example, please state the name of your holiday so we can all understand what it’s for. And please create only one post. It fills up the user’s timeline feed and makes it hard to see what else is important  🙂 

2. Don’t invade people’s privacy and don’t criticize their work. Please be POSITIVE, RESPECTFUL, CONSIDERATE, SUPPORTIVE, FRIENDLY & HELPFUL… In other words, be nice and play fair. Give members constructive suggestions on how they can improve their work, IF THEY ASK. Often times, members are proud of their design and are just showing it off, so don’t assume they want it picked apart. Let them ask for help.

3. No ranting: Is your post longer than a paragraph or two? Does it sound like you’re angry or complaining? If so, there’s a good chance it’ll be considered a rant. If you have a concern with your software, contact Laughingbird Software’s Support (the most updated link is ALWAYS listed on our website, as well as many other places).

4. Regarding copyrights and intellectual property, please ensure that you have been given permission to use any of the images you post in our group: Read the licensing agreements of each image before you download it. Obviously, if you have to remove a watermark in order to use it in your image, then we can assure you that you are using the image illegally, which is absolutely unethical… and did we mention that it’s illegal?

5. No Self-Promotion (UNLESS we’ve offered a thread for you to post on) and No Spam:  Keeping to this rule is the only way we can maintain the quality of this group.

So, please: No solicitations, no selling, no marketing, no links to your own site, no spam, and no asking the group to PM you to find out more about what you have to offer (aka: spam), “blah blah blah blah” (EXCEPT on the occasions that you have permission to do so.

However, if you create a graphic using Laughingbird Software, you should definitely post it, as long as you keep in mind the above.

6. We, however, are not breaking rule #5 by promoting something we feel is of value to the group 🙂 .

7. Again, in order to keep this group fabulous, please don’t post more than 1 “meme” at a time (defined as “a humorous image, video, piece of text, etc. that is copied… often with slight variations… and usually serves no purpose other than to laugh at and enjoy). #Creatormeme  :D) 

For the group’s benefit, please state underneath how you used The Graphics Creator to make your meme. Honestly, we love to have fun and get a good laugh or feel emotion! However, too many memes make it hard to scroll through the important topics and answer the thoughtful questions that group members would like to ask. Besides, we all have our personal Facebook pages and other social media for that sort of thing, yes?! 

8. If you post something in this group that we or group members deem to be against these rules, and your post is deleted, please understand that this is not personal and that you simply need to read the rules again 🙂 .  Do NOT post again on the group page asking why your post was deleted! Simply post something that follows group rules next time.

9. Finally, no black or dark-colored text on red or dark-colored backgrounds… hahaha… seriously!!!    (Consider this to be your first design tip from your Creatorpreneurs Facebook group).

Welcome to our group, Creatorpreneur!

Come on in now and introduce yourself!

Can’t wait to meet you!

Marc and Lisa