Laughingbird Marketplace Shop Owners Guidelines FAQ 2

Laughingbird Marketplace: Shop Owners Guidelines and FAQ

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Shop Owner Guidelines

Become a Laughingbird Marketplace Shop Owner and sell your own creative digital goods and designs! 


With a ready-made audience of Laughingbird Software Graphics Creator users and no website set-up or fancy technology required, you can become a Shop Owner fast


You just need one or more custom, personally-created, downloadable products ready to sell!.




With your own Marketplace shop, 

Laughingbird provides you with:



  • Free digital storage space for all of your products and easy uploads

  • Instant Digital Delivery of your product to your customers

  • Immediate access to the Laughingbird Software audience who are excited to buy
    unique graphics and creative products

  • All of the tools and statistics needed to manage your shop and your customers

  • No Exclusivity: Share your products on your own website or anywhere else

  • Zero Shop Fees: No set-up fees, no upload fees, and no digital storage fees

  • Laughingbird handles all of the payment issues. You just upload your products

  • Freedom to price your own products (subject to a minimum)

  • Sell courses, graphical elements, fonts, art and more! (no PLR products tho.)

All of that is done for you … and best of all;  YOU keep 60% of the profit!


What Can We Sell in the Laughingbird Online Marketplace?



Unique Design Assets and Digital Products

As long as you create your own digital product and you have 100% rights to sell it, then it qualifies! These should be products that customers can download instantly (Laughingbird takes care of the instant delivery).



Designs You’ve Created with Laughingbird Software and The Graphics Creator

You’ve probably already made unique designs and products using The Graphics Creator. So why not sell them?! Or create anything new with the sole purpose of selling it in the Laughingbird Marketplace. Loads of Graphics Creator users need your unique design perspective and cool graphics to add to their own designs. If you’re not already a Graphics Creator user, take a look here so you don’t miss out!



High-Quality Work

The Laughingbird marketplace is for creatives that value their work and designs. So, when submitting your first product, make sure you show us how you’ve focused on the fine details and upload quality images that show exactly what you are offering.



Assets that Give Amazing Value to Your Customers Designs and Online Businesses

Give your customers what they want. Will your product add value in some way? Will it help them finish a project, beautify their website, finish a client job, or improve the look of an end product? Make them excited to buy from you!

How Do I Benefit by Selling Downloadable Goods in the Online Laughingbird Marketplace?

Driving technology for leading brands
Set up a product once… and sell it forever!

This is passive income at it’s finest. Earn money for being creative! There are no tricks to it and no technology to learn.

Set Your Own Prices (following the minimum price guidelines)

Once your shop is approved, upload your first product for approval and set the price!

Sell your product in the Laughingbird Marketplace and anywhere else!

No exclusivity! After all, you’re a Creatorpreneur & own your designs and digital products.

Easy Uploads! Just fill out a quick form when you’re ready to sell!

Once you’re a Shop Owner, you don’t have to wait to upload more creative products!

Get More $ for Your Creative Products

Get a commission that favors you, the artist and Creatorpreneur… keep 60% of each sale!

Laughingbird Affiliates Can Help You Sell Your High-Quality Products!

It’s easy to make more money when other’s are helping you sell your unique products.



Most frequent questions and answers

Ready to Earn an Income by Selling Your Creations?

Check out the Frequently Asked Questions below for more info on:



*Getting Paid

*Managing customers!

Nope! There’s no subscription fee, no fees to open your shop, and no fees to upload products to sell!

Yes!  When you become a shop owner, you are agreeing to NON-EXCLUSIVE license terms. this means that you can still sell your product anywhere else you’d like… on your own website, through social media, or anywhere else you want to.

You’ll get a full 60% of the sales price with no fees deducted!

You’ll get paid by the end of each month for the previous month’s sales.

So, if you make a sale April 3rd, you’ll receive payment for that sale by the 31st of May, if not sooner.

So, if you make sales every month, you’ll get a payment each month!

Payment will go directly to the Paypal account information you provided when signing up. It is YOUR RESPONSIBILITY to make sure this information is correct.


Most frequent questions and answers

You get to set your own price for each product you sell (as long as it meets the minimum price requirement).

We suggest that you package your product in a way that offers tremendous value and then you sell it for what it’s worth to your customers.

Because every customer gets a commercial license, you should price with this in mind.

We expect that most product will be priced between $15 and $50 but may go up to $99 or more.

Yes, but it’s quite generous. You can upload up to 600mb at one time!

You’ll get a full 60% of the sales price with no fees deducted!

You can sell any digital, downloadable product created by you. You must own the product and have 100% of the rights to sell the product.

What Can’t You Sell? 

No PLR materials (Private Label Rights) and no affiliate products.

When logged into your Shop Owner dashboard, you’ll be able to view your products, earnings, payments, orders, and profile.


Most frequent questions and answers

Yes! You can let anyone and everyone know about your Shop and products. You should copy the link to your product and send people directly to your Marketplace shop.

Yes, your customer will agree to one simple license that includes a standard commercial license that allows them to use your product in their own end product creations.

Customers can use what they buy from you in their website, marketing materials, or in ONE end product for sale. 

However, they cannot include it in games, web apps, or native apps.

You can sell any digital, downloadable product created by you. You must own the product and have 100% of the rights to sell the product.

What Can’t You Sell? 

No PLR materials (Private Label Rights) and no affiliate products.

Yes, a customer can always contact you directly through the marketplace. AND, you can check your “orders” and directly email your customer about the product they purchased!

Keep in mind that it is YOUR RESPONSIBILITY to check for emails from your customers. Customers will be writing to the email address provided in your account.