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Wednesday, April 24, 2024
Graphics Creator In The Cloud

The Graphics Creator

Compare the online version and the downloadable software.


Laughingbird Software gives you two ways to create your graphics.

A downloadable software version, and an online”in the cloud” option.

You can download The Graphics Creator to your own computer, or login online… from anywhere!
Both versions are identical in the way they work, …but there are minor differences.

Check out the chart below to help make your choice easier:

Mac & Windows Compatible

Yes. Compatible with Windows & Mac

Yes. Compatible with Windows & Mac

Linux/ Chromebook Compatible

Yes. Since this is a browser app, you can login if you're using Linux or Chromebook

The downloadable software will install only onto a Windows or a Mac computer.


The online version is subscription based.

Each template or graphics pack can be purchased separately - one time price.

Access to all templates and graphical elements

The online version includes 20+ template sets (over 1,200 templates) and all of the Graphics Creator templates and their elements*
The online version includes:
• The Greatest Show
• The Ad Creator
• Certificates & Coupons
• The Logo & Business Card Creator
• eCovers & Mockups
• The Character Creator 2.0 The
• Scenery Creator
• Motion Graphics Social Media
• People Characters
• Marketing Graphics
• YouTube
• Blog Graphics
• Text Effects
• Buttons and Banner Elements
• Comic Elements
• Designer Elements

(and we add more Graphics Creator template sets to the online app as we create them)
*excludes Premium Content, other products, and the partner/marketplace

Yes. You do have access instantly after an Individual purchase of any template set.

Installing the templates and graphics

The online version contains all of the Graphics Creator templates and graphics "in the cloud" so there's nothing to download or install.

Each Template set will be downloaded to your own machine and the template sets will install into your Graphics Creator app. (which comes free with any template or graphics package)

Updating the software

The online version is updated on the backend. You just login and the software is ready for you.

When an update is needed, you'll need to update the software when it asks if you'd like to.

How to access to the templates and graphics

With the online version, you'll simply Login from anywhere on any computer (However, you'll need internet access)

The Graphics and software remain on one computer. No internet connection is required. Just open your computer, launch The Graphics Creator ... and start creating.

Font Access

1,000+ Google fonts (since this is a browser based app, there is no way to connect to your own computer fonts.)

1,000+ Google fonts and your own computer fonts

Access to New Templates and Graphics

Yes. New Graphics Creator templates are added automatically to the online version

Yes. Whenever they're available, You can purchase each separately

Wifi access needed



All Features Included

All features are included. The downloadable software and the online versions are identical.

All features are included. The downloadable software and the online versions are identical.

Selling the graphics you create with the software

Yes. 🤗

Yes. 🤗