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Wednesday, May 18, 2022
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Motion Video Backgrounds


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BRAND NEW Motion Backgrounds: Add attention-getting moving images to any design with these colorful video backgrounds!

Drop one in your social media ad design, web page banner, online advertisement, Pinterest pin, or wherever you need to grab attention.

Each video background is 100% done-for-you! Just like this one

And.... this one!


30 awesome motion backgrounds to use in your projects!

Laughingbird motion backgrounds 3      

Item Features

  • Motion video backgrounds perfect for use in any graphic designed with The Graphics Creator
  • Create eye-catching graphics with video backgrounds and animated gifs for advertising, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, your website, and more
  • Full HD video files
  • 30 Ready-to-use motion video clips
  • Quick and easy tutorial on how to record, save, and use a finished design
  • Just drag and drop any video background directly onto any template... then create your design with all of The Graphics Creator's awesome features, fonts, and graphics


  • BONUS: 40 free templates with your very first download of the Graphics Creator software
  • Use with The Graphics Creator 8 downloadable software:  It's loaded with built-in tools, so you can learn fast and get your design projects done in no time
  • Win/Mac compatible
  • Software download




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