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Tuesday, May 17, 2022
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Hall of (Smiling) Presidents





Four score and seven years ago, shoppers became overloaded with options. Today, convincing them to buy your products or subscribe to your service can be tougher than ever.



Laughingbird's Smiling Presidents Spokespeople are here to help!

These spokespeople are incredibly lifelike, and will relentlessly pitch your products to all who are in earshot. Whether it's on a sales page, or a YouTube video, Laughingbird's Smiling Presidents will be sure to help you sell more to your customers.

Laughingbird's Smiling Presidents Spokespeople are the perfect addon for anyone looking to reach more potential customers.

Ask not what your products can do for these presidents ...

Ask what these presidents can do for your products!


American Presidents 1789 - 1825


American Presidents 1825 - 1845
American Presidents 1845 - 1861
American Presidents 1861 - 1881
American Presidents 1881 - 1901
American Presidents 1901 - 1929
American Presidents 1929 - 1963
American Presidents 1963 - 1993
American Presidents 1993 - 2024

Get all 46 smiling presidents today!


...And yes, they may create some controversy on your Facebook page.  😆






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